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About our department

Faculty of Science, Palacký University Olomouc

The Department of Geography ranks among the oldest scientific departments at the restored Palacký University in Olomouc. Since its establishment in 1959 it has been providing university-level education for incoming teachers of geography at secondary schools. In the year 1997 a new study programme Geography-Geoinformatics was opened, leading in 2001 to the  establishment of a new Department of Geoinformatics. In 2003 a new study programme of International Development Studies was opened, once again facilitating establishment of the Department of Development Studies in 2007. Since the year 2006 an expert field programme in Geography (Bachelor and Master) has been provided in our department, since 2019 also offering education at the Ph.D. level. Detailed information about our study programmes can be found in the Study section.

Academic members of our department are engaged in both basic and applied scientific research, participating in research projects within Palacký University as well as in colaboration with other Czech or foreign universities and research institutes. An overview of our research topics, projects and publications can be found in the Research section.

Our department is also seat of the Central Moravian branch of the Czech Geographical Society. It also supports the activities of the Joint educational laboratory for the study of the landscape, of the Research centre for regional systems analyses CENARS and of the Centre for interdisciplinary field education of primary and secondary school pupils CIV.