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Since its establishment in 1959, our department has been devoted to both teaching students and conducting scientific research. The current major scope of our research is concentrated into the following topics:

Research topics

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Overview of projects accomplished in preceding years

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Recent publications

Journals included in the Web of Science

Křištofová, K., Lehnert, M., Martinát, S., Tokar, V., Opravil, Z. (2022): Adaptation to climate change in the eastern regions of the Czech Republic: An analysis of the measures proposed by local governments. Land Use Policy 114, 105949. [link]

Jurek, M., Frajer, J., Fiedor, D., Brhelová, J., Hercik, J., Jáč, M., Lehnert, M. (2022): Knowledge of global climate change among Czech students and its influence on their beliefs in the efficacy of mitigation action. Environmental Education Research 28, 8, 1126-1143. [link]

Frajer, J., Fiedor, D. (2021): A historical curiosity or a source of accurate spatial information on historical land use? The issue of accuracy of old cadastres in the example of Josephian Cadastre from the Habsburg Empire. Land Use Policy 100, 104937. [link]

Šerý, M., Daňková, M. (2021): When regional identities differ over generation: Deinstitutionalisation of regions and regional identities in a regional amalgam. Journal of Rural Studies, 82, 430-441. DOI: [link]

Lehnert, M., Geletič, J., Kopp, J., Brabec, M., Jurek, M., Pánek, J. (2021): Comparison between mental mapping and land surface temperature in two Czech cities: A new perspective on indication of locations prone to heat stress. Building and Environment 203, 108090.  [link]

Lehnert, M., Tokar, V., Jurek, M., Geletič, J. (2021): Summer thermal comfort in Czech cities: measured effects of blue and green features in city centres. International Journal of Biometeorology 65, 8, 1277–1289. [link]

Lehnert, M., Brabec, M., Jurek, M., Tokar, V., Geletič, J. (2021): The role of blue and green infrastructure in thermal sensation in public urban areas: A case study of summer days in four Czech cities. Sustainable Cities and Society 66, 102683. [link]

Journals included in the Scopus database

Lehnert, M., Šimáček, P., Fiedor, D., Jurek, M. (2021): Spatial variability of soil temperature in an urban area: a case study for a medium-sized European city. Geographia Pannonica 25, 1, 1–9. [link]

Other peer-reviewed scientific journals

Doležal, D. (2022): Místa strachu z kriminality v Přerově. Informace ČGS 41(1): 1–13. [link]

Mackovčin, P. (2021): Německé vojenské mapy československé části Slezska z let 1936–1945. Geografický a kartografický obzor 67/109 (4): 65–78. [link]


Smolová, I., Szczyrba, Z., Roubínek, P., Ptáček, P., Křištofová, K. (2021): Atlas lázeňství na česko-polském pohraničí. Olomouc: Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci. ISBN 978-80-244-5994-3. [link]

Chapters in monographs

Szczyrba, Z., Smolová, I., Jurek, M., Fiedor, D. (2022). The university as the creative hub: the case of the city of Olomouc after 1989. In Cudny, W., Kunc, J. (eds): Growth and change in post-socialist cities of Central Europe. London: Routledge, 30-47. [link]