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Since its establishment in 1959, our department has been devoted to both teaching students and conducting scientific research. The current major scope of our research is concentrated into the following topics:

Research topics

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Recent publications

Journals included in the Web of Science

Lehnert, M., Pánek, J., Kopp, J., Geletič, J., Květoňová, V., Jurek, M. (2023): Thermal comfort in urban areas on hot summer days and its improvement through participatory mapping: A case study of two Central European cities. Landscape and Urban Planning 233, 104713. [link]

Daniel, J. (2023): Regional assemblage in the postwar Czechoslovakia: Another piece to the puzzle of other geographical traditions? Geoforum 139, 103694. [link]

Lehnert, M., Geletič, J., Jurek, M. (2023): Tradiční a nové přístupy ke studiu tepelného prostředí člověka ve městě: kritické shrnutí současného stavu poznání. Geografie 128, 3, 351–377. [link]

Brisudová, L., Klapka, P. (2023): “It should be treated in a better way” – Perceived topovacancy in the participative urban planning. Cities 141, 104505. [link]

Křištofová, K., Lehnert, M., Martinát, S., Tokar, V., Opravil, Z. (2022): Adaptation to climate change in the eastern regions of the Czech Republic: An analysis of the measures proposed by local governments. Land Use Policy 114, 105949. [link]

Jurek, M., Frajer, J., Fiedor, D., Brhelová, J., Hercik, J., Jáč, M., Lehnert, M. (2022): Knowledge of global climate change among Czech students and its influence on their beliefs in the efficacy of mitigation action. Environmental Education Research 28, 8, 1126-1143. [link]

Pasqualetti, M. J., Frantál, B. (2022): The evolving energy landscapes of coal: Windows on the past and influences on the future. Moravian Geographical Reports 30, 4, 228–236. [link]

Frantál, B., Dvořák, P. (2022): Reducing energy poverty in deprived regions or supporting new developments in metropolitan suburbs? Regional differences in the use of subsidies for home energy efficiency renovations. Energy Policy 171, 113250. [link]

Kulla, M., Novotný, L., Pregi, L., Dvořák, P., Martinát, S., Klusáček, P., Navrátil, J., Krejčí, T., Frantál, B. (2022): The good, the bad, and the nobody: Exploring diversity of perceptions of anaerobic digestion plants in Central and Eastern Europe. Energy Research & Social Science 89, 102644.  [link]

Martinát, S., Chodkowska-Miszczuk, J., Kulla, M., Navrátil, J., Klusáček, P., Dvořák, P., Novotný, L., Krejčí, T., Pregi, L., Trojan, J., Frantál, B. (2022): Best practice forever? Dynamics behind the perception of farm-Fed anaerobic digestion plants in rural peripheries. Energies 15, 7, 2533. [link]

Frantál, B., Frajer, J., Martinát, S., Brisudová, L. (2022): The curse of coal or peripherality? Energy transitions and the socioeconomic transformation of Czech coal mining and post-mining regions. Moravian Geographical Reports 30, 4, 237–256.  [link]

Fiedor, D., Frajer, J., Felkl, F. (2022): The impact of the smoking ban on individual hospitality venues. Applied Geography 142, 102684. [link]

Fiedor, D., Seidlová, M. (2022): Gambling Patterns Among People from Vietnam and Ukraine Living in the Czech Republic. Journal of Gambling Studies 38, 411–423. [link]

Other peer-reviewed scientific journals

Doležal, D. (2022): Místa strachu z kriminality v Přerově. Informace ČGS 41(1): 1–13. [link]