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Since its establishment in 1959, our department has been devoted to both teaching students and conducting scientific research. The current major scope of our research is concentrated into the following topics:

Research topics

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Recent publications

Journals included in the Web of Science

Lehnert, M., Jirmus, R., Květoňová, V., Geletič, J., Jurek, M., Středová, H., Frajer, J. (2024): Overheated children's playgrounds in Central European cities: The effects of surfaces and shading on thermal exposure during hot summer days. Urban Climate 55, 101873. [link]

Lehnert, M., Pánek, J., Kopp, J., Geletič, J., Květoňová, V., Jurek, M. (2023): Thermal comfort in urban areas on hot summer days and its improvement through participatory mapping: A case study of two Central European cities. Landscape and Urban Planning 233, 104713. [link]

Daniel, J. (2023): Regional assemblage in the postwar Czechoslovakia: Another piece to the puzzle of other geographical traditions? Geoforum 139, 103694. [link]

Lehnert, M., Geletič, J., Jurek, M. (2023): Tradiční a nové přístupy ke studiu tepelného prostředí člověka ve městě: kritické shrnutí současného stavu poznání. Geografie 128, 3, 351–377. [link]

Brisudová, L., Klapka, P. (2023): “It should be treated in a better way” – Perceived topovacancy in the participative urban planning. Cities 141, 104505. [link]

Halás, M., Klapka, P. (2023): The timescape of the city: Example of spatial interactions based on big data. Habitat International 131, 102736. [link]

Bárta, M. (2023): Estimation of the minimum required bus capacity between the hinterland and the centre of a functional urban region – a comparative study of the five largest Serbian cities. Journal of Maps 19, 1, 2147457. [link]

Geletič, J., Lehnert, M., Resler, J., Krč, P., Bureš, M., Urban, A., Krayenhoff E.S. (2023): Heat exposure variations and mitigation in a densely populated neighborhood during a hot day: Towards a people-oriented approach to urban climate management. Building and Environment 242, 110564. [link]

Daniel, J., Jirmus, R. (2023): Becoming a park: The assemblage of Olomouc parks in the 19th and first half of the 20th century. Geografie 128, 4, 459–481. [link]

Martínek, J., Létal, A. (2023): Astronomically determined localities, the core part of Ptolemy’s Geography. Journal of Maps 19, 1, 2195563. [link]


Šimáček, P., Kovařík, F., Polášek, J., Toušek, V., Doležal, D., Stražovec, A., Šanda, R., Kladivo, P., Mladonický, P., Lišková, L. (2023): Atlas Olomoucké aglomerace II. Olomouc: Statutární město Olomouc. ISBN 978-80-88408-16-1. [link]

Chapters in monographs

Šerý, M., Brisudová, L., Buil-Gil, D., Kimic, K., Polko, P., Solymosi, R. (2023): The Perception of Personal Security in Urban Parks: A Comparative Analysis of Research Methods. In Costa C.S. et al. (eds.): Placemaking in Practice Volume 1 – Experiences and Approaches from a Pan-European Perspective. Leiden: Koninklijke Brill NV, 290–308. [link]