Palacký University Olomouc


doc. Mgr. David FIEDOR, Ph.D.

David Fiedor

senior lecturer
office 2.017
tel. (+420) 585 634 592
consultation hours: Monday 8:00 to 9:30 a.m.
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List of recent publications (since 2018):

Journals included in the Web of Science

Jurek, M., Frajer, J., Fiedor, D., Brhelová, J., Hercik, J., Jáč, M., Lehnert, M. (2022): Knowledge of global climate change among Czech students and its influence on their beliefs in the efficacy of mitigation action. Environmental Education Research 28, 8, 1126-1143. [link]

Fiedor, D., Frajer, J., Felkl, F. (2022): The impact of the smoking ban on individual hospitality venues. Applied Geography 142, 102684. [link]

Fiedor, D., Seidlová, M. (2022): Gambling Patterns Among People from Vietnam and Ukraine Living in the Czech Republic. Journal of Gambling Studies 38, 411–423. [link]

Frajer, J., Fiedor, D. (2021): A historical curiosity or a source of accurate spatial information on historical land use? The issue of accuracy of old cadastres in the example of Josephian Cadastre from the Habsburg Empire. Land Use Policy 100, 104937. [link]

Jeřábek, M., Dokoupil, J., Fiedor, D., Krejčová, N., Šimáček, P., Wokoun, R., Zich, F. (2021): Nové vymezení periferií Česka. Geografie 126, 4, 419–443. [link]

Frajer, J., Kremlová, J., Fiedor, D., Pavelková, R., Trnka, M. (2021): The importance of historical maps for man-made pond research: from the past extent of ponds to the issues of the present landscape. A case study from the Czech Republic. Moravian Geographical Reports 29, 3, 184–201. [link]

Villar Lama, A., Fiedor, D., García Martín, M., Šerý, M. (2021): Gambling in Spain: The need for a geographical perspective. Boletín de la Asociación de Geógrafos Españoles 89, 1–39. [link]

Lehnert, M., Fiedor, D., Frajer, J., Hercik, J., Jurek, M. (2020): Czech students and mitigation of global warming: beliefs and willingness to take action. Environmental Education Research 26(6): 864–889. DOI: 10.1080/13504622.2019.1694140 [link]

Šimáček, P., Šerý, M., Fiedor, D., Brisudová, L. (2020): To fear or not to fear? Exploring the temporality of topophobia in urban environments. Moravian Geographical Reports 28(4): 308–321. DOI: 10.2478/mgr-2020-0023 [link]

Andráško, I., Dolák Klemešová, K., Dolák, L., Trojan, J., Fiedor, D. (2020): “Surely it will come again…”. Flood threat appraisal, mitigation strategies and protection motivation in Czech communities endangered by floods. Moravian Geographical Reports 28(3): 170–186. DOI: 10.2478/mgr-2020-0013 [link]

Fiedor, D., Šerý, M., Frajer, J., Szczyrba, Z. (2019): Attitudes of Mayors Towards Gambling: Evidence from the Czech Republic. Lex localis - Journal of Local Self-Government 17(1): 1–21. DOI: 10.4335/10.4335/17.1.1-21(2019) [link]

Fiedor, D., Král, O., Frajer, J., Šerý, M., Szczyrba, Z. (2019): What do residents consider to be gambling and what are their attitudes towards it? Evidence from the Czech Republic. Journal of Gambling Studies 35(4): 1347–1360. DOI: 10.1007/s10899-018-9804-9 [link]

Frajer, J., Fiedor, D. (2018): Discovering extinct water bodies in the landscape of Central Europe using toponymic GIS. Moravian Geographical Reports 26, 2, 121-134. DOI: 10.2478/mgr-2018-0010 [link]

Kita, P., Szczyrba, Z., Fiedor, D., Létal, A. (2018): Recognition of business risks when purchasing goods on the Internet using GIS: experience from Slovakia. Electronic Commerce Research 18, 3, 647–663. DOI: 10.1007/s10660-017-9276-5 [link]

Journals included in the Scopus database

Lehnert, M., Šimáček, P., Fiedor, D., Jurek, M. (2021): Spatial variability of soil temperature in an urban area: a case study for a medium-sized European city. Geographia Pannonica 25, 1, 1–9. [link]

Holá, L., Urbanová, M., Fiedor, D. (2021): Mediation and the degree of its institutionalization in the Czech Republic within the context of the development of the discipline in Europe. Conflict Resolution Quarterly 38, 4, 387–403. [link]

Bakoš, E., Hrůza, F., Fiedor, D., Dolák Klemešová, K. (2021): The perception of inter-municipal cooperation by local officials and manage. Central European Journal of Public Policy 15, 1, 1–14. [link]

Arsenović, D., Lehnert, M., Fiedor, D., Šimáček, P., Středová, H., Středa, T., Savić, S. (2019): Heat-waves and mortality in Czech cities: A case study for the summers of 2015 and 2016. Geographica Pannonica 23(3): 162–172. DOI: 10.5937/gp23-22853 [link]

Other peer-reviewed scientific journals

Šimáček, P., Doležal, D., Šerý, M., Fiedor, D., Pánek, J., Szczyrba, Z. (2020): Participativní mapování míst strachu z kriminality jako příspěvek k rozvoji urbánního prostředí. Urbanismus a územní rozvoj 23(5): 4–10.

Holá, L., Fiedor, D., Urbanová, M. (2019): První setkání se zapsaným mediátorem na základě prostorové analýzy míry jeho využívání v České republice. Právník 158(9): 876–886. [link]


Fiedor, D. (2020): Hazard v České republice. Praha: Sociologické nakladatelství (SLON). ISBN 978-80-7419-303-3.

Chapters in monographs

Szczyrba, Z., Smolová, I., Jurek, M., Fiedor, D. (2021). The university as the creative hub: the case of the city of Olomouc after 1989. In Cudny, W., Kunc, J. (eds): Growth and change in post-socialist cities of Central Europe. London: Routledge, 30-47. [link]

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Bc. (B.Sc.)
Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Science (study programme: Mathematics, Geography and Cartography; bachelor thesis: Statistics on secondary school)


Mgr. (M.Sc.)
Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Science (study programme: Mathematics, Geography and Cartography; master thesis: Teaching support of statistics for students of geography)


Masaryk University, Brno, Faculty of Science (doctoral study programme Geography; study field Regional Geography and Regional Development; dissertation thesis: Regional-geographical differentiation of gambling in the Czech Republic)


doc. (Assoc. Prof.)
University of Ostrava, Faculty of Science, (field of study Political and Cultural Geography; habilitation thesis: Society, space and gambling behaviour: the role of geography in the research of gambling)