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For incoming students

Dear students,

we are pleased you are interested in the study at the Department of Geography, Palacký University Olomouc. We have long-term experience with teaching foreign students. Each semester, Palacký University welcomes over 200 foreign exchange students. Usually about 15 of them study at the Department of Geography, and another 50+ at other departments of the Faculty of Science.

Palacký University works in a two-semester scheme. The winter (autumn) semester classes begin in the second half of September and end in the middle of December. Exams are usually scheduled throughout January. The summer (spring) semester begins in the middle of February and classes end in the middle of May, with exams continuing usually until the end of June. The semester for international students always starts one week earlier with the so-called Orientation Week. You can see the semesters in detail in our Academic Calendar.

Even though our department does not provide standalone study programmes in English language, selected courses are tought in English as part of the Czech study programmes and these are also offered to incoming exchange students. In the table below you can find the list of courses taught in English at the Department of Geography.

name of the course ECTS STAG abbreviation semester
Winter Summer
Advanced Landscape Mapping Methods 5 KGG/QALM yes yes
Regional Geography of the Balkans 5 KGG/QBAL yes yes
Geography of Climate Change 5 KGG/QCLIC yes yes
Conflict Regions of the Contemporary World 5 KGG/QCRCW yes yes
Geography of the Czech Republic 5 KGG/QCZR yes yes
Didactic Games in Geography 5 KGG/QGAM yes yes
GIScience for Geographers 5 KGG/QGIG yes yes
Geographical Field Trip in the Czech Republic 5 KGG/QKGEX yes yes
Landscape Mapping 5 KGG/QLMAP yes yes
Geographically Oriented Research 5 KGG/QOR yes yes
Regional Geography of Central Europe 5 KGG/QDGCE no yes
Regional Geography of Central Europe 5 KGG/QRGCE yes no
Regional Information Systems 5 KGG/QRIS yes yes
Remote Sensing Principles 3 KGG/QRSP no yes
Fundamentals of Demography 4 KGG/QZDG yes no
Geographical Field Trip to a Foreign Country 6 KGG/QZGEX no yes
Czech for Foreigners 4 VCJ/CFF yes yes
Some courses may not be occassionally opened due to various reasons.
You can choose also other courses taught at KGG, but you have to know Czech language to be able successfully pass them.



Students are obliged to take at least 50% of the ECTS credits at the department to which they have been assigned to (Department of Geography, abbreviated KGG, in our case).

However, students are allowed to register in courses also taught at other departments, namely at the Department of Development and Environmental Studies (MRS), Department of Geoinformatics (KGI), Department of Geology (KGE) and also to register in one or two courses outside the Faculty of Science, e.g. at Faculty of Arts (Department of Political Science). Participation in these courses is determined by the agreement between student and lecturer at the beginning of semester. Teachers are not obliged to accept all demands.

HERE you can find the list of courses taught in English at all four "geo-related" departments.

In case you need more information about study opportunities at the Faculty of Science, please contact the faculty co-ordinator for foreign affairs Mrs. Dana Gronychová ( or look at this website.

The main contact person for foreign affairs at the Department of Geography is dr. Petr Šimáček (

Very useful information regarding study and life in Olomouc can be found in the Student Guide UPOL App as well as at the website of International Relations Office (IRO) of Palacký University Olomouc.

We look forward to welcoming you in Olomouc!

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