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Energy geography

Geografie energií

Energy geography has been one of the fastest growing subdisciplines of geography in recent years. It deals with spatial relations, environmental aspects and socio-economic contexts of energy production, distribution and consumption as basic factors of all human activities (work, production, housing, transport, communication, education, tourism, etc.).

Energy geography integrates wide spectrum of research topics from the geopolitical impacts of diverging energy policies and international security issues, through to the issues of global climate change, natural resources management, renewable energy development and related land use conflicts, problems of agricultural restructuring and food insecurity, including issues of environmental injustice, energy poverty and energy literacy.

At the Department of Geography, our research focuses primarily on the spatial contexts of the ongoing low-carbon energy transition, the socioeconomic impacts of the transformation of coal and carbon intensive regions, and the spatial diffusion and social acceptance of renewable energy innovations.

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Relevant publications

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Geografie energií