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Green infrastructure in urban space

Zelená infrastruktura (sub)urbánního prostoru

In 2021 a new research team was established at the Department of Geography. It is concerned with green infrastructure in urban and suburban space in three wider thematic fields:

A combination of approaches and methods of human and physical geography enables us to handle the issue comprehensively. We conceive urban space as a human ecosystem requiring various infrastructural support, both traditional “grey” (transport networks, buried services, housing, production) and “blue-green” infrastructure. Green space and water provide cites with important services. We speak of ecosystem services, which are significant also for other aspects of human lives such as health, recreation, housing, economy, water management, climate change adaptation). The issue of green infrastructure is concerned with the use, support, conservation and planning of green and blue components, networks and areas in a city. Urban green space contributes to the sustainability of cities as spatial and social systems, provides us with benefits in the fields of ecosystems services, biodiversity and quality of life.

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Daniel, J., Jirmus, R. (2023): Becoming a park: The assemblage of Olomouc parks in the 19th and first half of the 20th century. Geografie 128 (4), 459-481.